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Testimonials: Testimonial


"I feel like I couldn't have found better people to get my dog from and I really appreciate it."

"Awesome pups and loving every minute of it. Well informed with updates on how the pups are doing while in the early stages until pick up."

"Keep doing what you are doing! We tell everyone about your dogs!"

"Love my Brody! Been looking for a puppy for awhile. As soon as I seen him I knew he was what I was looking for. Raven, you are an excellent breeder."

"We adopted Achilles from her, and he is incredible! You can really tell just how much time and effort and love she put into training him, and we couldn’t have asked for a more responsible breeder!"

"I can’t say it enough! If you are looking for a dog trainer, you will find no one better in my opinion! I have never met a more responsible breeder, or someone more passionate about what she does than Raven Aydt. I am so very proud of her!"

"Raven is a miracle worker when it comes to dog training! Clyde was overprotective and very stubborn. After attending her 8 week private classes, he is a new dog! He's still loving and protective of his family, but knows when enough is enough. Our family cannot thank Raven enough for working Clyde and whipping him into shape!"

"Zeke completed Ravens basic obedience class last month. He knew a lot of the commands prior to the class; however with Ravens excellent instruction, She taught me how to reinforce the instruction. Thank you Raven. I would highly recommend Aydt’s Shepherds and Training."

"I really appreciate that Raven has such an ability to assess the needs of the dogs and owners. It is wonderful that she can go to the home and train. Really helps not to have to drive to the training site, plus training in the dog's environment is great!
Has been a wonderful experience for our family. Raven has really helped with our 2 rescues, Lexi and Bear!"

"Raven is very professional. She is accommodating. Caddie loved her! She also has two wonderful junior helpers. Caddie and I learned fast. Raven provides clear expectations, homework and follow up."

"We have Raven train us the owners and Penny our very excitable, almost 4 yr old golden doodle/mutt! We learned SO MUCH! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Raven with Aydt’s Shepherds and Training for all your dog training needs!"

"Raven is an amazing trainer! She explains the steps and how to get your dog to follow those steps with amazing results! I Highly recommended her training programs and I am continuing training programs with her to further my dogs progress!!!"

"Raven is a fantastic and very knowledgeable dog trainer who really understood our dog Bella. She equipped us with weekly plans to work on to establish good behavioral habits. She went above and beyond to provide us with information and training when my 9 year old decided she wanted to enter Bella in 4h. Raven was so easy to work with. Great with Bella and my daughter. We look forward to more training sessions with Raven and cant wait to enter Bella in 4h this year! The Allens"

"I would HIGHLY recommend Aydt's Shepherds and Training! Our pup, Gwen, is a rescue and has some quirks that we weren't able to make much progress on in a group class, but we were able to focus on those behaviors during our one-on-one training sessions with Raven. We're really happy with the progress that we made during our six-week course and it definitely wouldn't have been possible without Raven going to extra mile to guide us through every step of the process and brining her pups to help us work with Gwen around other dogs!"

"Raven did such a great job teaching both Asa and I. We couldn’t be happier with how he is progressing and I would highly recommend her services! I am looking forward to his next class."

"Raven does a fabulous job of equipping you with the knowledge to train your dog in a very effective and efficient manner. We completed the 5 week obedience course with our new puppy and couldn’t be more pleased with the progress our pup showed in that short amount of time. We are looking forward to more training when we begin the Canine Good Citizen Classes."

"Raven is the best! Punctual, affordable and knows dogs inside and out! To her it, is not a job but something she is very passionate about. I believe she has the skills to help any owner fully connect with their dog. I am a small in home breeder and she temperament tests my puppies to help me place them in the right homes. Her knowledge is invaluable to me. She is a joy to work with."

"Raven has made our training experience enjoyable! We needed some help with our dogs but didn’t know the correct steps to take. She has provided easy to follow steps that have worked! It helps that our dogs love her too!"

"If you're on the fence about puppy/dog training, let me tell you that Raven is a wonderful trainer and you will learn so much from her. Our pup just graduated from puppy training. I had to take her to the vet today. I was worried about how she would behave (she hasn't been there since before the lockdown). She sat in the waiting area between my legs, no hackles up with a happy wagging tail. I know it was from Raven's work with our family and I've never been so proud! Thanks Raven!"

"We enrolled our American Bully in the 5 week obedience and he learned so quickly and we always get compliments on how he is such a well behaved boy now when before he was not so much lol Raven knows her stuff and has helped us tremendously and we are so grateful."

"Raven did a great job with our energetic 1 year old Goldendoodle, Ruby. I highly recommend her. Ruby attend the Day Training program and we will be soon be having Raven come for a home visit to train Ruby on a perimeter collar."

"Highly recommend Aydt’s shepherds and training.. Raven does an excellent job w the dogs!!"

"Friendly, caring and skilled. Highly recommend"

"Raven is an AMAZING trainer and I would recommend her to anyone. She’s extremely knowledgeable, very patient, and always helpful. I look forward to our next course with her!"

"Raven is AMAZING. My boyfriend and I brought our 1 year old pitbull /lab, Colt, to her for sharpening up his commands he already kind of knew and to work on getting better focus and listening and she did not disappoint! I never thought he could learn and retain so much in just 5 days but somehow she did it. She worked with him on what he needed the most and didn’t stick to a strict schedule. She kept in close contact and sent pictures all throughout the week, and we really appreciated that!

We knew going into it that it would take work when he got home as well but by following her instructions, it is now fun for Colt and us to train at home! Even my boyfriends roommates have noticed a big difference in him.

Thank you so much Raven for working with him and making it more enjoyable to do things with him. We appreciate you so much!

-Caden, Kaitlyn, and Colt"

"We initially contacted Raven to help with leash training, counter surfing, and kennel anxiety. With a combination of Puppy Manners and off leash training, she transformed our 8 month old puppy. Not only does she help correct behaviors, but she gives you the knowledge and tools to maintain control of your dog. We are most excited that we can give our puppy a command and he obeys, so there is no need to install an underground fence. Lastly, Raven is always responsive when we had questions and is flexible and worked with our busy schedule!"

"I highly recommend Aydt’s Shepherds and Training! Raven was great with our dog, Remi, and taught her (and us) so much! She also involves her whole family in training sessions which is an added bonus!"

"I had Raven take our 7 month old golden for two weeks....she came back a totally wonderful dog!! She was all puppy and wasn’t taking commands well but with Raven she listens and obeys. Katie Belle will be with my elderly mother and since Raven has had her she is calmer and more attentive...I highly recommend Raven. she also did personal one on one training with my two male dogs who were older and just misbehaved and her training has helped them too. I call Raven the dog whisperer."

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"I took my two year old german shepard & she came out being so well behaved. I definitely recommend!"

"We just got our German Shepherd puppy back from the 2 week puppy potty training course. I can not say enough good things about Raven and how she has helped our sweet Belle! Potty training is going amazing, she has set us up with a great schedule. Not only did Belle work on potty training, but she also taught her basic commands and Belle is doing great with them! We did not have any idea on what we were doing with potty training let alone teaching her commands. My husband and I were so impressed with all of Belle’s improvements in that short amount of time, and feel like we have such a better grasp on what we’re doing thanks to Raven! We are immediately signing Belle up for the next step of obedience lessons, and can’t wait to see how much more Belle can learn! If you’re pondering if it’s worth it to take your puppy or dog to get trained by @Aydt’s Shepherds and Training LLC, take my word for it WORTH EVERY PENNY! You will not be disappointed!!"

"I cannot say enough about how amazing Raven is as both a trainer and a person. Raven came out to our home to complete the 6 week in home puppy program with our boy Max. My husband and I were able to discuss all of our puppy’s behavioral concerns and Raven gave legitimate ways to correct those bad behaviors. Each week during training I was so relieved to have such a knowledgeable resource here with us talking us through the commands. At the end of the program I have seen a major transformation in our pup and it all comes down to teamwork! Raven provides amazing instruction and consistent support when needed and myself, my husband, and Max did our weekly homework to ensure progress. If you are on the fence about meeting with Aydt’s Shepherds and Training LLC/Raven JUST DO IT! You won’t regret it!!!"

"We highly recommend Aydt’s shepherds & training! Our puppy nash learned so much while in the 3 week training course! Nash was so stubborn and hard headed she did an amazing job with him. We are amazed with everything he learned in such a short time span. We see such an improvement in his overall behavior as well. Raven was so nice to work with and she was always keeping us updated! Raven was very thorough going over everything with us as well."

"We spent 2 hours with her and learned sooo sooo much! our boy Vater came home with a new attitude and new manners and we learned how to continue the training! I would give this place a 10 for 10!"

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