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Keeping families updated on puppies is important to us. There are a couple ways we communicate with our puppy families: Facebook, email, and text/call. We keep our Facebook page, Aydt's Shepherds and Training LLC updated and often post pictures and videos. If you do not have Facebook that is perfectly okay. We will still send weekly pictures and other updates on puppies via email or text. If a family has a question about anything puppy related: temperament, pickup, visits, training, etc we encourage families to ask us before pick up. Please remember communication works both ways. We are doing our part and we ask families to communicate with us as well. 


We have noticed that in almost every litter we only have a select few families that stay in communication with us. We understand life can be busy, but we need to know that families are receiving our emails, texts, and social media messages. To make the process easier please do the following below. 

1) We are asking if we send you updates via email/text on a litter to please respond, so we know you received the update. Otherwise we are wondering if you received our message and pictures. 

2) We always encourage families to visit around 6 weeks so they can interact with each puppy and pick their top 3. When we send out our information email regarding scheduling a puppy visit families have 48 hours to respond and schedule. If we do not hear from you within 48 hours then we assume you are not interested in visiting. We will not send multiple emails or try hard to contact you. It is your responsibility to make time to schedule your appointment if you want to visit. If 48 hours has passed, your puppy selection will then be done by reading temperament tests results and pictures only. 

3) Puppies leave our care at 8 weeks old. Families are given the pick up date(s) weeks in advance. You are encouraged to make arrangements ahead of time and not last minute. When we send an email regarding scheduling a pick up date, we ask you to please notify us ASAP. We need to know before the puppies are 5 weeks old. We have several families to meet and not everyone can come to our house. We often have to drive to the airport or meet half way. If we are not given a day/time for pick up, you will be given a day and time at our convenience or you will forfeit your deposit and you will not receive your puppy. Puppies must be picked up ideally on the day they turn 8 weeks old. If a puppy remains in our care more than 3 days after their go home date a $50 daily fee will be added to the total puppy price. 

4) BE ON TIME! Having families arrive on time is our biggest set back. Again, remember we have multiple families to meet with and we have lives of our own, so PLEASE be on time. We understand things come up like traffic or getting lost. If you are going to be more than 15 minutes late we will reschedule your appointment this includes puppy visits and pick up. I have been left waiting for 30 minutes-2 hours and this occurs on a regular basis. We will only reschedule appointments twice, no exceptions. If you meet your quota you will not have the option to meet the puppies in person or you will forfeit your deposit and you will not receive a puppy. 

5) When we schedule your puppy visit you will read in the email how long we are allowing families to visit. We started doing this because families often wanted to spend hours playing with the puppies. We understand puppies are cute, but this is our house and we have lives of own. Also, NO DOGS OR CATS are allowed to be brought to puppy visits or pick up appointments at our house, no exceptions. If you do bring a pet from home you will be asked to keep the animal in your vehicle at all times. This is for safety reasons. 

6) When we send out an email regarding a successful pregnancy, families on our waitlist will have 24 hours to respond to our email. After 24 hours, we will assume you are not interested and you will be removed from our waitlist or moved to the bottom. Families have the option of transferring to different litters. With that being said, a family can only transfer twice, the third time the family either forfeits their deposit or they are required to pick a puppy from litter #3. 

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