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Spring Flowers/Plants

Athena x Jango

DOB: 5/10/2022

4 Males

2 Females

Athena jan 2022.jpg


DM-Carrier/not effected

Hips- Good

Elbows- Normal 

Titles: CGC, CGCA, CGCU, International Canine Ninja 1, Land HRD

Athena has a medium-high drive with an on and off switch. She has no animal or human aggression, rock solid temperament. Athena often helps me with dog-dog aggression cases (she is used as the neutral dog). Athena is very motherly with her own pups, pups that aren't hers, and with our children. She loves to hike, kayak, and camp with us in the warmer months. Athena is the "picture perfect" active family dog. 

Jango vom schone stadt  .png

Jango Vom Schone Stadt

DM- Clear

Hips- Good

Elbows- Normal 

Jango is from Czech working lines. He has no animal or human aggression, solid temperament. Jango has a medium-high drive with an on and off switch. He enjoys running 3-6 miles with his handler during the warmer months. We have his half sister and we absolutely love this line Jango and Medea come from.


Farrah, 6 months 

Screen Shot 2022-11-22 at 10.46.00 AM.png

Thorn, 6 months


Bentley, snuggling up in a blanket

Cedar 4 months.jpg

Cedar, this boys has the adventure life! 

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