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Meet your trainer, Raven Aydt

"Training is a lifestyle and lifetime commitment." 

Hello! I am a firefighter's wife, mother of three, homeschool mom, K9 handler, German Shepherd breeder, and certified Master Dog Trainer. I am a one-woman show, but this doesn't stop me from providing top notch dog training services and breeding quality working line German Shepherds. I love training all breeds, but my favorite are the stubborn breeds. I have found the stubborn dogs make the best dogs in the end! I enjoy helping pet owners get the well behaved dog they want, but my passion are working dogs. I love training dogs for detection, tracking, and protection! I take the obedience and discipline from the K9 world and mold it into the pet world. Owner education is also very important to me and I believe a crucial part of training. Monday -  Friday I dedicate my time to my clients. On the weekends I dedicate my time to the Vigo County Search and Rescue team. I have 2 K9s, Medea and JD. Medea is our human remains detection and tracking K9. JD is my upcoming HRD K9. In my free time, I enjoy to cook, camp, hike, and kayak. 

Pictured is Raven with her retired K9 Athena at Western Carolina University for a training seminar in 2019. Raven and K9 Athena were nationally certified in human remains detection.

Athena jan 2022.jpg


Canine Assistant 

Meet our canine assistant, Athena. Athena is often used as a demo dog in our group classes, used as a distraction for obedience sessions, and used as a neutral dog during dog - dog aggression behavioral modifications. Athena is our oldest female of our pack and Raven's retired search and rescue K9. In Athena's free time she loves to play ball, swimming, camping, going to work with Raven, and visiting the fire station. 


Canine Assistant 

Meet our upcoming canine assistant, JD. JD is a young male at just a year old (Jan 2024.) I have been working on his foundation commands in group classes, private sessions, and virtual classes to strengthen his obedience to prepare him to take Athena's place. JD has been used as a neutral dog in dog - dog aggression behavioral modification cases. JD is an upcoming K9 for the Vigo County Search and Rescue. 

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