Raven Aydt: Head Trainer


Raven Aydt is married with two children and has an associates degree in Business Administration. Raven graduated with a Merit Award from Conifer Canine Dog Trainer College in 2018. There she gained her certification in canine behavior, kennel management, and basic/advanced obedience. In July 2019, Raven passed her Master Trainer Certification with a Merit Award from Conifer Canine. The Master Trainer concentrated in the areas of police K9, decoy work, service dogs, detection dogs, trailing dogs, human remains detection, and search and rescue.  She is a certified American Kennel Club CGC Evaluator, an Association of Professional Dog Trainers C.L.A.S.S Evaluator, and a Therapy Pets Unlimited Evaluator. Raven is also a Search and Rescue K9 handler for the Vigo County Search and Rescue team. Her K9 Athena is nationally certified in human remains detection. Her and her husband are co-handling their newest GSD Medea. Medea is in training for trailing and human remains detection. 

Family Owned and Operated 


Everyone in our family, big and small plays a part an important role in our little business. Meet the Aydt family.

Derek: "The Man Behind the Scenes." Derek works full time as a firefighter and has a second job at the family farm. He is the one who fixes kennels and builds training aids (detection equipment and agility equipment.) He also helps me with aggressive and fearful dogs. He is especially helpful when I get a dog that is aggressive towards men. I couldn't do it without him, lucky him. 🤣 Derek is also a K9 handler for the Vigo County Search and Rescue. Pictured with our dog Medea.


Adalynn, age 5: "The Little Dog Trainer." Adalynn helps me with obedience dogs that are half finished or nearly done. When I feel the dogs listen well enough then I transfer them to her. There are many families that have difficulties with their dogs not listening to kids. This is where Addy comes in. If they listen to her then theoretically the dog should listen to the family. She also helps me with dogs that like to jump. Practicing proper meet and greets is important! Pictured with our dog Athena.

Madisyn, age 3: "The Baker." Madisyn loves to cook and when we started offering homemade dog products she was excited! She helps make all products, weigh, and package them. Maddy is also is involved with client dogs. Pictured with client dog, Zor.