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Our Dogs

Our dogs are hand picked by us to be our working partner or home companion. Our dogs have sound minds, solid nerves, and the drive to work with the capability of turning it off. Training, temperament, and health testing are very important to us. Several of our dogs come from imported parents: Germany, Russia, Netherlands, and Serbia. 


DOB: 8/29/19

Bi color, 77.5 pounds.

Hips: Good 

Elbows: Normal

DM: Clear

Titles: CGC, CGCA, CGCU, Int.l Canine Ninja 1

Medea is high drive, lives to work, environmentally sound, no dog aggression, great with kids, and loves to camp, hike, play ball, and the bite sleeve. She holds the following obedience titles: CGC, CGCA, CGCU, and Int. Canine Ninja 1.


DOB: 3/18/2021

Black/tan, 80 pounds.



DM: Clear


Molly is from our C littler. Molly is a beautiful Black and Tan girl with a medium drive and solid nerves. From the time this girl was days old she caught my eye. She was the pup to do all the "firsts." The first to walk, the first to bark, the first to eat, all of that. Molly loves to play frisbee and ADORES children of all ages. She is an ideal family dog and I'm hopeful she will pass down her calm nature to her puppies. Molly will be a future Mama for us pending all health tests. 


DOB: 03/23/2021

Long haired sable



DM: Carrier/not effected


Rip was purchased from Hoene Heritage Shepherds. He will be a future stud for us pending all health tests. Rip is a long haired sable male with a medium drive. This handsome boy wants to please, learns quick, and enjoys playing with toys. Rip is a perfect companion dog.