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Guardian Home Program

What is the Guardian Home Program? 

To give our breeding dogs the best life possible, it is important to limit the number of personal dogs at our home. In order to better the breed of the German Shepherd Dog, we must continue to evaluate and add quality blood-lines to our breeding program. We are able to make this possible, just like other breeders, by creating a Guardian Program. Our program allows us to expand and raise breeding candidates the right way, by keeping them out of kennels and in Guardian Homes where they can live a long, happy life as a member of your family. 

 Criteria to be considered as a Guardian Family: 

1. Live within 60 miles of Linton, IN.

2. Own your home, not rent. 

3. Have a fenced in yard, but it is not mandatory. 

4. Feed our recommended diet (Victor) and supplement with NuVet vitamins. 

5. Follow our vaccination protocol. 

6. Be prepared to complete basic and advanced obedience with a trainer. All our dogs will have on leash training, off leash training, and complete AKC classes (CGC, CGCA, and CGCU)

7. Understand that we are giving you a puppy at no cost and in exchange you must be willing to communicate, cooperate, and coordinate with us during their time in our program. 

8. You must make your puppy available for health tests.

9. Be a responsible pet owner. 

10. Properly socialize the puppy to people, other animals, and environments.

11. Love and cherish your puppy forever! 

12. Sign a contract 

Our Guardian Home families get to experience the best puppies that we have to offer. Please be aware that we only keep back medium-high drive puppies that must be placed in active pet or working homes. These puppies will take daily effort to shape into a well-mannered family member. This type of puppy needs daily mental and physical stimulation. These are not "couch potato" type dogs. Guardian Families are responsible for paying for all pet related care: yearly vaccinations and check ups, flea and heart worm preventatives, toys, dog food, vitamins, training, crate, bowls, etc. We will pay for all health testing to make sure the puppy meets our breeding standards. If the puppy passes all health tests then they will have a few litters and will retire in the comfort of your home. If for some reason the puppy fails a test, the puppy will be altered, and will remain in your home forever. Pregnant females will live with us while they raise their puppies, approximately 10 weeks or less. Stud dogs need to be available when females come into heat. 

Benefits of Being a Guardian Family:

 * Receive a puppy from us or an outside breeder at no cost.

 * Receive special training rates when available. 

 * Receive special boarding rates when available.

 * Receive unlimited training advise, help, and resources from us. 

If you meet the following criteria above and are interested in being a Guardian Family for one of our puppies please fill out our Guardian Home Application, so we can learn more about you. 

Guardian Homes needed for 2023

More details to come.

Guardian Home Training Rates


4 week Program

This program focuses on the foundation of potty training, crate training, and socialization. In addition, puppies will be taught basic puppy commands and receive their AKC STAR Puppy title. Lastly, we will continue your puppy's routine vet care. Cost is $1,500.


8 week program

During this program, we will continue potty training, crate training, socialization, and manners. We will begin strengthening the foundation commands by attending weekly field trips. Puppies will go home fully vaccinated and receive their AKC CGC title. Cost is $2,750


On & Off Leash Training

This is for dogs at least 6 months old. We will teach your dog the following commands on leash and off leash: heel, sit, down, stay, come, and off. We will socialize your dog and take weekly field trips to strengthen commands. An e-collar is included. Cost is $1,500 

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