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Training Problems

Are you having problems with your dog not "getting" what you are trying to teach them? There are so many possibilities why the dog isn't learning. The environment could be too distracting, the reinforcers aren't valued enough, your timing is off, you are moving too fast, you aren't being clear in what you are wanting, or it could be none of the above.

If the environment is too distracting, then maybe you and your dog need more one-on-one time. Then afterwards, slowly begin adding more distractions. Work on one distraction at a time. Maybe your reinforcers are valued enough, therefore your dog isn't motivated. Are you using food, praise, or toys? If you are using only praise then maybe your dog needs more than just praise. A high value reward is a must. Your dog will tell you what motivates them.

Maybe you are moving too fast. Break down a command into steps to help your dog succeed. Maybe your timing is off. An example could be when one asks their dog to sit, dog sits, human reaches for a treat, dog stands, human treats when dog is standing. In the dog's eyes he just got rewarded for standing not sitting. The human should have instructed their dog to sit again, then treat when the dog sat.

Maybe you aren't being clear. Most use "down" to tell their dog to stop jumping and to lay down. Two different behaviors, so two different commands should be used. I use "off" for jumping and "down" for lay down. Lastly, if the dog isn't learning, the problem is us, not the dog.

How can we help you and your dog succeed? Comment below with a problem you are having and we will do our best to help! We also have training availability in 2023. PM to schedule today.

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