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Research, do what you feel is right, seek guidance

I often get asked when is the best time to get a dog spayed or neutered. My answer is always speak to your vet and do research. I have had vets that swear by early spay/neuter under 6 months, exactly at 6 months, and others won't until the dog is fully matured. You see, everyone has their opinion, but YOU as a pet owner make the ultimate decision based on what YOU feel comfortable with. Just last night I was asked what the best chews are. They use antlers (I do too), but they just read they are hard on dog's teeth. Again, everyone has their opinions and accidents happen. Do research and pick something that YOU feel comfortable with and what works for your dog. What works for my dogs, may not work for your dog, and thats okay. Same goes for finding us dog trainers. If you put 3 trainers in the same room we will have our different opinions and methods, no trainer is alike. YOU has a dog owner do your research on trainers and find one that YOU like and feel comfortable with their techniques. Some trainers use purely positive reinforcement. My technique is called balance training which means I use all 4 quadrants of operant conditioning. How I train a dog varies from dog to dog, they all learn differently. In conclusion, determining how to vet your dog, what toys are safe, and how to pick a trainer is just like raising kids. There is no right or wrong way in raising either one. YOU do what you feel is right and stick with it. If something isn't working though, be open to suggestions.

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