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Benefits of Adding Water to Kibble

I have raised many kittens and puppies to know first hand that these young animals that eat wet food do not consume a lot of water because they get a lot of their water intake from their food. For years my thought process stopped there until a few weeks ago. What about my older puppies and adult dogs that strictly eat a dry diet? Little did I know, that animals such as our cats and dogs, that purely eat a dry diet are constantly in a state of low dehydration! Water intake is essential for our pet's digestive system, weight goals, and overall health of vital organs such as kidneys and livers. A few reasons to add water to your pet's food 1) It increases your pet's hydration. Dehydration is a common problem for dogs and especially cats. In fact, many pets don't drink enough to properly compensate for their dry food diets (that contain approximately 10% of moisture), suffer from low-grade dehydration. Hydration ensures your pet can process its food, maintain a healthy weight and metabolism, and avoid health risks associated with dehydration. 2) Adding water can help with weight loss. The water you add to your pet's food will help create a "full" feeling in your pet's belly. The moisture fills the stomach, encouraging less overeating, and the consumption of fewer overall calories. Additionally, your pet might be bloated due to their diet (ONE OF MY DOGS!!!) When dry food comes in contact with moisture, it swells. If this happens in the digestive tract, it can increase the risk of bloat, causing dangerous swelling and bloating. I have been soaking my dogs' kibble for a few weeks now and Athena is no longer bloated! She looks amazing, back to her old, young self. This is something I have struggled with her since I got her spayed over a year ago! Soaking kibble has been so beneficial for her. She is the main reason why I have been studying canine nutrition. 3) Adding water improves your pet's regularity using the bathroom and can lesson problems with constipation or water retention. 4) Can prevent urinary tract stones. Adding water can help prevent chronic dehydration, making it beneficial for pets that are prone to UTI, blockages, and kidney problems by keeping their urinary systems flushed. Especially in cats, dry food can place more strain on the kidneys and cause the urine to be more concentration which can increase the risk of infections. 5) Adding water increases the flavor, especially warm water. This is another great reason to add water to your pet's food, especially if you have a picky eater. Picky eaters might refuse to eat dry food, but adding warm water brings out the taste and smells of the food which encourages your pet to eat. Are there any downsides to adding water to your pet's food? In moderation there are no serious downsides to adding water to their food. Always start in small amounts such as adding a quarter cup to a half a cup of water. Watch for loose stools and make sure your pet has enough time to go outside to potty. After the introduction of adding water to my dogs' food for a few days I began adding enough water to cover their food.

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