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About Our Kennel

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We are a small breeder located in Southern Indiana. Our goal is to produce versatile working line German Shepherd puppies with sounds minds, stable nerves, high level of intelligence, easy trainability, and the drives to work. Our puppies mature into active dogs that need daily mental and physical stimulation. Our dogs have a nice medium to high drive with "on and off switches." Meaning they are ready to work when given command, but are also ready to settle down with the family when off the clock. Our breeding stock are health tested before being officially added to our program. Each dog will be tested for hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, and Embark tested. Not only do we health test our breeding dogs, but we also look each dog's temperament. We NEVER breed a dog that has aggression or that is fearful. These temperaments can be passed down to puppies and we do not want these temperaments. We only breed solid, confident dogs to produce solid, confident puppies. 

We take great pride in being a small breeder, because this allows us to focus our attention on each litter. Our puppies are socialized with children, cats, and other dogs. Puppies are exposed to a variety of sounds, smells, and textures. We spend time with individual puppies so we can get to know them and be prepared to answer questions to potential families. Puppies are not sold on a first come, first serve basis. Your application(click here) must be approved before placing a deposit. We will help guide you to a puppy that best fits your lifestyle and what you are looking for in a puppy. At 6 weeks old, we introduce puppies to crate training. At 7 weeks old, puppies are temperament tested. Puppies cannot leave until they are 8 weeks old. In the state of Indiana it is illegal to separate a puppy from its mother earlier than 8 weeks old age across state lines. 

Puppy prices vary from litter to litter. All puppies will be AKC registered, examined by our vet, vaccinated (also, by our vet), microchipped, and dewormed at regular intervals starting at 2 weeks. Puppies come with a "Puppy Pack" that contains our food, toys, Trupanion insurance, and training information. We want to give you all the information possible to get off the the right start. Puppies also come with a 2 year genetic health guarantee including passing hips and elbows at 24 months for breeding prospects. If your puppy fails, we will replace your puppy. No refund will be given. Puppies will be sold as Limited Registration unless otherwise stated. Full rights are available at an additional cost to those that can prove they are responsible breeders. 

Lastly, we are always looking to expand our breeding program. We reserve the right to have first pick of 1-2 puppies from any litter. We have created a Guardian Home Program for these puppies. Please see Guardian Program for more information. 

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