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We highly recommend doing a training consultation before choosing a training program. We do require home consultations for all In Home Training programs. This allows us to get to know your family, your dog, and for us to prepare you for your first lesson. If your dog has behavioral problems such as aggression or anxiety we need to be aware of these behaviors before arriving to your home. Home consultations for in home training or to discuss training programs are at least 60 minutes. Behavioral evaluations include a written report that contains training programs, prices, and a training plan. Home consultations and behavioral evaluations start at $100. 

Phone the Trainer

Phone the Trainer is a great option to discuss quick tips about your dog's behavior. Please beware absolutely no aggression advice will be given over the phone. Some behaviors will need to be seen in person in order for the trainer to assist. Phone advice is best if you are having the following problems: house breaking, crate training, puppy nipping / biting, obedience training, discussing off leash training, and puppy socialization. Cost is $30 / 30 minutes. PayPal or Venmo only.  

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